Immunity & different reactions

Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you are immune. This I learnt from my GP when I went to get my pre-enrollment vaccinations. After I mentally ticked off most of the required vaccinations thinking I’d only need one jab, she broke my shiny little bubble with: “Um, I have your blood test results here and it seems you aren’t actually immune to anything”

Needles don’t bother me. This does, however:

WellMeaningNurse: so you need these jabs to start medical school? wow! so what did you study before?

Me: Advertising and Film production

WellMeaningNurse: Oh


WellMeaningNurse: That’s a BIG change, isn’t it?

Me: Yup

WellMeaningNurse: Big, big change. Different change. Very different. Wow. *nervous chuckles and clucking*


I’m getting used to these awkward conversations. I avoid mentioning it when possible, because I get this: 

“Omg. Why? That’s so weird. Blood is gross.”

“Are you sure you want to do another four years of study or are you just scared to start your career?”

“Are you insane? *groan*” (that one was from a doctor…)

“You aren’t going to make the same amount of money as you will if you stay in business. I’d advise against it.” (My ‘career mentor’)


3 Responses to “Immunity & different reactions”

  1. Miss-G- Says:

    You will keep getting the “that’s a big change!” right through…I got it on Tuesday from a doctor. Used to drive me nuts, now I grin widely and insincerely and say “yes, yes it is!”

  2. puddle Says:

    Get used to it, it’ll happen for at least the first year of med school as well!
    I decided to amuse myself with ever more outlandish reasons for making the switch, ranging from excessive Scrubs watching to the fact that I like cutting things.
    Welcome to the world o medschool bloggin’!
    and Congratulations on your acceptance to Griffith and all the very best!

  3. C Says:

    I must practice my insincere grin and simultaneous crazy eyes, Miss G 🙂
    Puddle, I’ve started telling people that I’m ‘studying’ science by watching back to back Scrubs but haven’t mentioned the cutting yet! good idea…

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