Thoughtful Blogs

I have been following the blog of Leo from Zen Habits for over a year now. His articles are always informative, reflective and thoughtful. It’s a positive read with the genuine aim to improve the reader’s life. I find writing like his preferable to the generic whining “I had the woooorse day EVA (sic) today!!!” blogs. Of course, a healthy dose of sarcasm is always good value but I love to read blogs that are give you an insight into a different situation, a different culture, or a different way of thinking and leave you feeling better than when you started reading.

Leo occasionally blogs about his vegan lifestyle. His writing, amongst other things, influenced me to read further. I had started cutting out dairy, meat and animal products slowly but went pretty much cold turkey (ha…ha…*cough*) when I read these books:

  • The China Study by Dr T. Colin Campbell
  • The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer & Jim Mason

I also check in and read Drink, Eat & be Vegan, The Post Punk Kitchen site, and other vegan food blogs (which, strangely, all seem to have a parenting bent). It’s strange to think I’ve been influenced so strongly by people whom I’m never likely to meet. I like that I can hold them up in my mind as an example, though. We can be changed so much by reading a novel, or watching a film. I guess, I find blogs influential in the same way.


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