We have been living with my family for the last few weeks (okay, months) since we came back from Europe and, as great as it’s been, I cannot wait to be living with just the two of us again. 

Most of our things are still in boxes from our last move and I’m so excited about opening them and rediscovering our stuff. Who needs to buy new things when you can get all silly over the things you already own? 

In a few weeks we’ll be all about sitting around our place, with a few candles, eating our way through all the takeaway joints in our new neighbourhood. Oh, and the dutchman will be playing with his new (second-hand) Wii…

Hello romance!


One Response to “Love”

  1. Adrian Says:

    Nesting really is so much fun, isn’t it? I suppose it’s very different when you’re doing it with someone special, but I remember the first time I moved into my own place. Good times!

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