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Anatomy is spelled F-U-N.

December 4, 2008


I found this image via Apartment Therapy Unplgged. The posters are designed by Jason Freeny, who also does gummi bears & balloon animals. Due to my complete lack of understanding of the human body I’ve been trying to educate myself *a little* before the information tsunami wipes me out in first semester. I’ve been using The Anatomy Colouring Book, a really daggy “Wow! Your BODY!” kids book, and one of Nursefriend’s old textbooks (from which I concluded that muscles on the head look like prosciutto).

Of the three texts, the children’s one was the most informative for me (I gave it four stars). It had large pictures, simple language and a surprising amount of medical terminology. I did enjoy colouring in (three stars), but I think need a little bit more knowledge of what I’m colouring in before it will sink in. So, considering my love of colourful, bright visuals, simple language and my reaction to head-prosciutto, I have categorised my learning style as “preschooler”.

In order to help other preschooler-esque learners out there I will periodically update this blog with non-conventional ways to learn anatomy. First up on Anatomy is spelled F-U-N is Anatomy Arcade. Check it out.

Thanks to Jeebs for putting me onto that one. If anyone else out there has a favourite anatomy learning tool please let me know. I’m off to find some kind of whack-a-mole game.