Some like it hot


Fraser Island

Fraser Island

I’m trying to visualise that I’m back on Fraser Island with a cool breeze blowing and an icey pina colada. The reality is, the ceiling fans are the only things blowing (on HIGH), we’re constantly raiding the supply of ice cubes + I’m wearing a frozen wet face washer around my neck (think boy scout on laundry day).

Oh, how I laughed cruelly at dutchboy’s whimpers the first few nights in our new house. Australia is HOT. Get used to it. This is a REAL summer, not like the last two pathetic ones you ‘endured’. I grew up with these summers *scoff* *scoff* *scoff*

But it only took a few days longer before I was the one spread out on the floor with a bag of frozen peas stuck on my face crying out “SERIOUSLY?” and praying to the raingods to send a thunderstorm.

This place reminds me of my first sharehouse in Brisbane: double brick with water pipes on the outside facing the sun so in summer the water from the “cold” tap only came out scorching hot, + the plastic toilet seat was always warm as if someone had just sat on it. Luckily the toilet seat here is more protected…

Uni starts next week. I astounded even myself by needing a few phone calls to the help desk + three friends sitting next to me to actually enroll (in my defense, the uni has RIDICULOUSLY poor web design). A promising start to what I can only imagine will be an illustrious four years. 

Ooh, I think I feel a thunderstorm rolling in. *fingers crossed*



3 Responses to “Some like it hot”

  1. *C Says:

    Welcome back to the land of the on-line living!

    Hope your first days aren’t too much of an assualt on the senses. I’ll be interested to hear of your experience Ms Non-Sci Background… as I’ll be goingthrough it all my self in the near future.

    Ah, I’m lucky to have myself a guniea pig 😉

  2. C Says:

    it’s so nice to be back! me and me non-sci ass are getting ready to be kicked by this first year! we’ll be doing it together, non? although on different sides of the country 🙂

  3. *C Says:

    Speaking of over- 40s, we’ve got a week of it down south hear. On my way back from the cinema tonight, I drove past a sign that said it was 38 C. That was at 10.15 PM!!!! It could be lying. That’s not what BOM is reporting. But BOM isn’t living on an asphalt/ concrete playground either.


    Cool change on Saturday. Long way to go yet.

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