Bitchtastic Brownies

Bitchtastic Brownies Skinny Bitch in the Kitch is one of the books my mum bought + I secretly hoped she would tire of, therefore passing it on to me. But no such luck. She loves it and uses it so regularly the Bitchtastic brownie recipe has to be read through cocoa smeared fingerprints. 

So I bought my own damn copy + went to crazy town with the cocoa. I should have doubled the recipe, like mum does, because there is nothing resembling chocolatey goodness left in our house now. 

Copyright and respect for the genius of this book prevents me from sharing the recipe. But seriously, if interested, you should buy this book. It’s around $22. My only gripe is it’s heavy on the vegan cheese + faux meats that are more easily found in the USA.

I made a clean break with cheese. I live without it rather than screw with my head by eating substitutes that don’t taste anything like my beloved creamy blue or the crumbly Mersey Valley original vintage club cheddar (I stumbled across Cheezly faux cheddar today + apart from the disappointment I knew would come, I just couldn’t stomach handing over $8.95 for 100g of soy cheese). It’s okay though. Cheese + I broke up so that’s that. 

But the brownies, they were fabulous.


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One Response to “Bitchtastic Brownies”

  1. tofuparty Says:

    Dank u for the nice comment on my blog. As you read already mine English isn’t so well. Maybe we can learn from each other?
    And for Sinterklaas: we celebrate him also. But it’s not on the 5th. We celebrate him on the 6th december because that’s his actually birthday. He visits at night (just like Santa Claus) and brings toys and chocolate and speculaas for the children. He walks on the roofs!!!!

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