Excuse me while I spew forth my brain


OOOH! I know the answer!

OOOH! I know the answer!














This afternoon I experienced for the first time medical terminology diarrhoea (MTD). It seems to affect a very small minority of students with biomedical science backgrounds. Symptoms include: extreme seriousness, a penchant for sitting in the front row, inability to be concise, + spasms of the arm causing it to raise above the head after any question, however simple or rhetorical, is asked. 

While I’m sure I will find it annoying in the near future, today I was thoroughly entertained + informed. I had (normal) biomed grads either side of me to decipher.

SCENE: Lecture theatre, afternoon, student with MTD babbles endlessly

me (picking up the only word I could pronounce): *whispers* what the frick is a lipid?

grad: fattiness..stuff… like, in the blood…

me: oh. 

Student with MTD continues to babble before winding up with a smug smile.


Lecturer: Um. Yes. That is correct, but I would have accepted the answer “He’s overweight”.


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