Face value

escapethefate-dyingisyourlatestfashion I have started working for a body jewellery stall at music festivals. Big Day Out was fairly ‘mainstream’ with lots of nose studs + dangly belly bars being sold as we copped drunken abuse from bogans.

Soundwave was in one word: Polite.

The Soundwave crowd was heavily tattooed, pierced + mohawked. Heavy eyeliner, dyed hair, blood red lips, + pale skin abounded. I enjoyed pleasant, socially normal interactions with men + women whose dermals, 30mm tunnels + septum rings probably mean they never have to worry about sharing their seat on trains.


Mohawked man: Can I, please*,  get an ‘unfuck the world’, an ‘I love my mum’ + a ‘jesus touched me + I’m pressing charges’ badge?  oh, + one of those organic teak 3mm tunnels. My girlfriend’s starting to stretch her ear – she’ll love that one. *grins* 

Me: no worries, that’s $18.

Mohawked man (grinning): Thanks heaps. These are awesome. You guys have got such good stuff.

Me: Thanks!

Mohawked man: Have a great day! 


Drunken Bogan: Will you pierce my fuckin’ eyebrow, aye?

Me (smiling): Sorry, we’re not allowed to pierce. Festival rules. We’ve got eyebrow studs though if you’d like to…

Drunken Bogan (agressively cutting me off): Why the FUCK NOT? JUST FUCKIN’ DO IT! I’m going to PAY YOU. Don’t you want my fuckin’ MONEY?

Me (gritted smiling): Sorry mate, we haven’t got any stuff here to do it *shrugs*

Drunken Bogan: You’re FUCKED. 

Me: Have a nice day. 

Yet people describe the Soundwave punters as ‘scary’? Yesterday, I didn’t feel threatened, no one was abusive, overly drunk or aggressive, as they were at BDO. There was a separate area for over 18’s to drink in + I didn’t see one fight or hear a voice raised in anger the whole day (except obviously, the bands whose banter consisted of “fucking shit yeah, let’s get fucked up, you FUCKERS!!! Although, one could argue that was more excitement than anger).

Yesterday was one more reason why I love the alternative side, the flip side, the B side of the world. Give me SBS, Triple J, Soundwave, freaks, fringe dwellers, environmentalists,  vegans, emo’s, homosexuals, eccentrics, straight edge punk fans, tattoo enthusiasts, the chronically pierced + raging hardcore rock fans, ANY day. Because, generally…

they are just plain nicer. 

*Note the use of both “please” and “thank you” in this exchange. 


One Response to “Face value”

  1. doctor007 Says:

    yay homos!

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