Things that make you go hmmmn?

quizzical1Recently I attended a fundraising night. It was a great event, organised extremely well, with a decent band, food, camping + costumes. Pretty awesome all up. However, something happened that made a few of us first years decide not to go next year. 

In the early hours of the morning, a group of bogans gentlemen a few years ahead of us thought it would be rad to get undressed, beer dripping down their bellies, + greco-roman wrestle. Which, is fabulous, because I’m all for every man exercising his right to get semi-naked + entwine with another man.

Hooooowever, they collectively staggered their sweaty bodies to where most of the first years were camping. They set about breaking two first year blokes tents, one students camping chair, + charged each other into the flimsy tents + swags, landing hard on sleeping first years.  No-one who was injured or had stuff broken will complain. No one really cares that much. You can’t get cranky at drunken mob of underwear-clad bogans gentlemen because…well…it’s unAustralian. We celebrate that stuff, apparently.

But something about being a few years ahead in a course makes those below look up to the ‘older’ years (even when we’re the same age, or actually older than them). Especially those involved with Do-gooding. We had do-gooding crushes on them. They were charity fundraising, save-the-children touting superiors. They were saving the world, dammit. At least I believed they were. 

But everyone looks different at 4am,

with a beer in hand,


in their underwear.


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6 Responses to “Things that make you go hmmmn?”

  1. Hayley Says:

    Nooo YUCK!

  2. *C Says:

    What is with the great Australian male?

    It might be safer staying single. And at least you’ve got yourself a dutchman.

  3. doctor007 Says:

    Apologies, Cait. Although I wasn’t one of those wrestling or crashing into tents, I was still marauding around in my skivvies. I will say that while we are (apparently) do-gooders, that doesn’t mean we can’t be human and do stupid things occasionally. It also doesn’t mean we can go breaking things, injuring people, and being loud and moronic at 4am.

    The event was for a great cause, and it would be a shame to not have you at the next one. I think the night lended itself to boganism, but we’re gonna work on reeling it in a little.

  4. Cait Says:

    No way! I didn’t see you near our end (or T for that matter, although he assures me he was there…) so maybe you were marauding to a different tune. I do agree, re: being human.

    Found it difficult to get the right tone with this post. I sound a bit annoyed, + I wasn’t, more curious + surprised.

    I did love the event, though. If I go again, it’ll be armed with super-soakers, just in case…

  5. doctor007 Says:

    I could certainly understand if you were annoyed – I would have been too had I not been so incredibly ‘jovial’ (nice way of putting it, right?). I remember (vaguely!) watching some semi-naked blokes running into tents at 4am, thinking it was a bit much. There are always a few that take it too far!

    I love the super-soakers idea!

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