Unfortunately, I’ve recently reached a new level of veganism for which I was unprepared. Meat + dairy are making me nauseous*. Seriously, freaking nauseous. 

It’s taken a while + I’m disappointed in my stomach. My gastro-intestinal system as a whole, really. I am not a nauseous person. I don’t “do” spewing. Yet, TWICE in the last few weeks I’ve had to really swallow hard on persistent lumps in my throat. The first bout was sitting next to a friend eating a steak in the pub + the second was a small round of brie being passed around during a class at uni (the discussion re: pussy infection didn’t help). These things never used to bother me. I was overpowered each time by the smell. With the steak incident I deadset heard the horror-flick-knife “eeee eee eee eee” noise. It was insane. 

I try to be neutral, deep breathe + think; whatever, maaaaaaaan, food is everyones free choice, DUUUUUDE, only losers spew…are you loser, maaaan (the voice of my conscience is always Otto Man, of Simpsons bus-driving fame)? But it’s hard when you can’t concentrate on anything else but keeping your guts down. 

I used to scoff, but I totally get anti-durian laws now. 

*This is not a subtle lead in to a post about the joys of impending parenthood. 


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