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From ii-ne-kore

This morning has me hanging out in bed with my laptop (a billion word documents + websites open about respiratory tract infections), tea, toast, a banana + piles of pillows. 

Bronchiectasis gets me depressed. My new blogcrush ii-ne-kore (japanese aesthetic, architecture, textiles, design, homeyness + art) is breaking up the depressing study. Only problem is I can’t seen to get back to dilated bronchi when there are so many beautiful pictures to get lost in. 






Some friends are booking tickets for a few days in Japan after exams. As I can’t afford to go right now, I’m content to wander through blogs like these:

Hello Sandwich

Make it Easy

Make it Easy’s Aron has got me thinking I should get back into houseplants (in a big way). Dutchboy will recoil in horror at the thought of another manic slide into a miniature indoor forest but I can’t help it. Every house we’ve lived in has slowly but surely been taken over by my plants. I love them like children. I still miss my little icelandic poppy that used to flower so prolifically in a rainbow of colours perched on the window of our sunny bathroom in Newcastle. When we moved to Brisbane there wasn’t enough sun + it withered. I was devastated. Dutchboy was happy to have some space back.

I get addicted to potplants. I can’t leave ceramic pots at op shops. I have to buy them. Once bought they look so empty and need to be filled with something delightful + green. 

Something like this:


From Make it Easy

From Make it Easy

Which might grow into this:


From Make it Easy

From Make it Easy

Then, maybe, I could sit under it with a cup of tea and wax lyrical about dilated bronchi.


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2 Responses to “Blog+Japan+plant love”

  1. Christopher Says:

    Nice post! I enjoy that Hello Sandwich blog too.
    All the best.

  2. *C Says:

    Oooh, I like Hello Sandwich. Thanks for the link.

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