Virology + textiles


Portrait of Viruses

Portrait of Viruses


I wondered briefly if I was in the right course when the first thing I though of when I saw these images in a virology lecture was how wonderful they would look printed on textiles. 

But then the lecturer commented on it, too. 🙂

The arenaviridae is my favourite. I’d have pillows with arenaviridae on them. Or a cluster of tiny framed black + white ink drawings of them all. 

Medical illustrations are rad.


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6 Responses to “Virology + textiles”

  1. doctor007 Says:

    I heart your new header, and your shared passion for medical-artsiness. Good luck with the exam prep, I see you’re blogging at the speed of light these days…

  2. C Says:

    Thanks. I believe the phenomenon is procrasti-posting.

  3. *C Says:

    I love your new banner too! I’m pleased to find an aesthetic sensibility is not incompatible with the study of medicine.

  4. doctor007 Says:

    yay for arty medicos!

  5. dragonfly Says:

    Love hte new banner also. I remember looking at slides in first year and me and a friend commenting on what awesome wrapping paper an H+E stain of kitten thigh muscle would make. When I was doing honours research I had many, many photos of blood cells stained in different ways, and thought some of them were very pretty and emailed them to friends saying “isn’t this just the same as your travel photos from Europe?”. One of my supervisors used one of mine as a desktop background for a while – cells clumping around a fluorescent crystal (it was overstained but looked cool). Nerdiness….

    • C Says:

      Oh, kitten thigh muscle wrapping paper is exciting 🙂 I’m sure there is a niche for medical histology chic stationary.

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