Reasons why I keep dutchboy around…


#1 he makes double batches of chocolate chip biscuits during my exam lead up. 

I really wish I had a decent camera so I didn’t have to google images for this picture. This photo does nothing to represent the decadent chocolateyness that was inside dutchboy’s biscuits. He chopped up a whole block of Whittakers dark chocolate* coasely, then folded the fine shavings of chocolate left on the chopping board through the dough so the entire biscuit had tiny chocolate flecks. I don’t dig the chocolate chip ‘nibs’. Never have. They look unnatural + why the frig don’t they melt? Don’t trust them. Plus, I can’t find any dairy-free dark chocolate chips around here even if I did want weird non-melting nibs. 

These were amazing. For someone who had never made biscuits before (yeah…I know? what the) he did an incredible job. He used the recipe of the front cover shot of The Joy of Vegan Baking,  whose author may receive an emotional email from me in a few weeks about how her biscuits got me through exams…


*their dark range is vegan (except the dark caramel) + cheap + comes in fabulous retro gold wrapping. come on. how awesome?


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