The Fragrant Harbour


Prince Edward Market

Prince Edward Market

Tai O

Looking up at Tai O


From the Star Ferry

From the Star Ferry

Seeing as I don’t love my camera at the moment, I’ve found some shots that where taken when we still used to get on. When it actually took photos when I pressed down on the button!

Lately, we’ve both been missing Hong Kong. We’re thinking of going back in December, after nearly four years to where we met/fell in love/wandered through wetfloor markets/had excess of yum cha at Nam Shan/ weekly indian at Chungking Mansions/caught buses out to Stanley/sang bad karaoke/learnt rude cantonese easily/took six months say our home address properly/spent ridiculous amount of time on escalators/finally made the fruit + veg stall lady who we bought food from EVERYDAY smile/discovered seven different types of food poisoning/ran riot in Lan Kwai Fong/drank chrysanthemum tea at 2am with roommates/marveled at the MTR/watched the light show at 8pm/met each others parents who were coincidently visiting at the same time/spent hours wandering around alleys/got lost in megasupershopping malls/ did the cliched Ikea litmus test for relationships/had rooftop picnics/decided not to say goodbye. 

It’ll be a fitting 4th anniversary if we get our act together + actually book tickets. If we do, I’ve already worked out what I’m having for dinner every night we’d be there.



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