Productive study

It’s nice to have moments when you realise other people have a similar inner monologue to you. Take recent study session for example: 

Med Student Friend Study Buddy: I just don’t get viruses. 

Me: Neither do I. I can’t seem to remember the classification systems or what the shapes are…

MSFSB: No. I mean I don’t understand their motivation. What is their deal, anyway? What do they want?

Me: Um…to kill things? Or to survive?

MSFSB: But they can’t survive extracellularly, they need to invade a host to live, then they take over the host cell’s machinery and for WHAT? Nothing! Just to keep proliferating and moving on! Then they kill their host and then what? Huh? That’s really stupid. At least bacteria do good things! Fungi does good things. But viruses…

Me: Viruses are mean. 

MSFSB: Yeah. I just want to tell them to grow a brain. Get a purpose. Seriously. Like grow a nucleus or something. 

Me: Yeah. 

MSFSB: Yeah.


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5 Responses to “Productive study”

  1. doctor007 Says:

    virus does not equal life. virus does not equal smart enough to equal ‘motivation’. these are just some random thoughts on life.

    • C Says:

      When the autonomous thoughts of our microscopic brothers + sisters are revealed, in the not too distant future, many people will feel very sheepish indeed. Only those who truly sought to understand will be saved from infection.

  2. drpontificum Says:

    I think you’ve stumbled upon the age old question of “What’s the meaning of life?” …you know, in virus terms…

    Cause think about it. We humans shuffle around all our lives, hussle over here, stress out over there… and for what, exactly? For death and taxes. Oh – and procreation, so our progeny can continue to do the same thing.

    How are we that different from viruses? Opposable thumb? … bah! Overrated!

    • C Says:

      mmmn. I agree, Dr Pontificum. Your theory would totally punch the bottom out of all products & services designed to help people ‘find themselves + their purpose’. I foresee angry health spa owners chasing us down… 🙂

  3. dragonfly Says:

    They are rather evil in some ways. Its like, what? No symbiosis? Ungrateful bustards.

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