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Odd moments

June 14, 2009

What a difference a few months can make. 

During a particularly frustrating moment of a study session when we were trying to figure out which bit connected to where via what, I sighed + came out with:

“I wish we had a cadaver…”

Cue strange looks from study mates. They thought about it for a moment, + then agreed that it would be really quite nice. Especially if it had pins. Pins with names written on them.

While I still feel the same reverence towards cadavers as I did in February, I am slightly shocked at how comfortable I am around them.

To the point of actually missing their presence.


Exercising my brain. Literally.

June 14, 2009


From glasbergen

From glasbergen



I HAD to go to the gym today. 

Not in an “omg, I am sooooo feeling guilty that my last three meals have consisted of chocolate chip biscuits + tea” kind of way. My reason was much more logical.

No, I HAD to go to the gym because I hadn’t been since last saturday + when I signed up the super-chirpy-fitness-girl-with-a-side-pony said I would get $80.00 back from my membership if I went at least once every week for three months. I really want my $80.00 back. 

So I went to the gym + felt my brain bounce around in my head for 30 minutes until I wanted to pass out, despite the cross trainer machine having a big sticker clearly stating I should “discontinue using this equipment if you feel lightheaded, dizzy or nauseous + seek immediate medical attention.” Medical attention? Pfft.

So I kept running + tried to remember all the mechanisms in my body that were contributing to why I was feeling so crap. Totally counted as study. 

Later today, as I was trying to study through the beat of my pounding headache, I had one of those awfully late epiphanies:

I could’ve just hung out in the sauna with some notes.