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8 days until my first medical school exam.

9 days until my second exam.

10 days until my first anatomy exam + first mini OSCE  (being examined on one part of history taking with an actor/patient). 

11 days until I can be frivolous with my time again, visiting websites like Atlanta Bartlett’s. 

Dutchboy + I rent a two bedroom unit that fluctuates between being chaotic or divinely peaceful. I call the second room a study. He calls it a games room + protests about the lack of pool table. I’ve claimed the study/games room for the next two weeks as my panic room. There is a sofa with cushions for when its all too hard + I need a nap, white walls, a nice big desk + light streaming in from two windows. 

I’m feeling optimal stress; not so stressed I’m unproductive, but enough to give me the power to sit at my desk for hours on end, without wandering off to make newspaper hats + watch Masterchef. I’m finding it surprisingly easy to study for some parts because I still have some wide-eyed wonder about the human body.

Yesterday I spend a 15 minute “study break” doing a watercolour of the ventricular system in the brain. Until a few days ago I didn’t even know my brain had ventricles (yes. despite doing multiple anatomy labs where I supposedly must have glossed over them…).

I love that every week I’m learning something completely bizarre. Ventricles? In my brain! I feel a bit like Arthur Dent. 

Anyhoo. Here I go, headfirst into study week.


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2 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. *C Says:

    Ah! I can’t believe I have holes in my brain either. Ventricles? What – in my brain? Nooooo. Surely not.

    I’m not liking anything to do with the brain. Your comment from several posts ago – “my brain does not like learning about itself” – is ringing oh so true for me too. Blurrgh.

    • C Says:

      SO true. I prefer the layperson imaginary version of the brain better – a mini universe with galaxies + neural impulses that look like fireworks + sci-fi music. WAY better than holes, grey mush + dura mater.

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