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How to tell its Study Week II:

June 27, 2009

I have worn nothing but various leggings + Dutchboy’s jumper for over 7 days. Jumper is now referred to as the Jumper-of-Knowledge + cannot be washed lest the knowledge it has acquired leaches out. 

Am also contemplating buying three more pairs of black leggings to wear to exams in case the pairs I have mysteriously disappear…

A friend pointed out (on one of the many, many Facebook updates we seem to be doing):

“study week is like being pregnant…constant background feeling of nausea, weird cravings, eating huge amounts, + a complete loss of common sense”

I’d like to add slow emotional wreckage.

It started as niggling fear of failure. Throw in a few exam-themed nightmares + it crept up to being a fear of failure so astounding that I’m not even offered a supp exam. Soon I was sobbing quietly down the phone to mum incoherently spluttering “unprepared…all my fault…can’t pass…can’t draw f*cking cell mediated immunity flow chart….HATE FLOW CHARTS…*hiccup*” until she told me to take a deep breath + watch some awful TV. 

So, with questionable hygiene, a weird microwaved hashbrown addiction + incredible self doubt, Study Week continues…