It’s been a long time since our exams but here I go:

Our first exams were like being told you were going to Disneyland then just being driven to a service station and getting bought a packet of chips with a free toy. A toy that’s not even a Disney character.

Not exactly what we were expeeeeeeeeeeecting.

The exam hadn’t actually been proofread. At all. There were double up questions, jackhammers outside the room (because a construction site is always the first choice for an exam venue), and the two-exam-lady-people who answered their phones every five minutes and stopped us to tell us that “Um, just letting you know that question 29 is actually question 30 and is worth 3 marks not 3 1/2. Okay?”

A few of the correct answers in the multiple choice were printed in bold. BOLD! Nobody pointed this out the the mobile phone wielding ladies, however. But to even out any advantages we gained from being given the right answer there were also huge chunks of detail left out in a short answer question. The question was to the effect of:

Mrs X has heart failure and is experiencing shortness of breath.

What is causing her renal failure?

Um. Is that a typo? Apparently not.  Twenty minutes to go before the end of the exam our lady-exam-person got a mobile call and then relayed to us that there was actually a whole paragraph missing about how Mrs X had surgery and then needed a blood transfusion but it was the wrong blood type which caused haemolysis and she is now experiencing renal failure.

Minor details.

The exam came in three or four separate parts, two which were minicases which lead on from each other where we had to hand one bit in before we were given the last bit. But someone had printed and stapled two of the parts together. Yes. Someone had printed and stapled the second part (which contained the answers to the first part) TO THE FIRST PART. So of course they took all our minicases off us and reprinted them and redistributed them to us while we were doing the exam.

So the first two written exams were write offs. Pretty much anything that a lecturer had said “Remember this, it’s examinable” was not on there. People felt so strongly about it that there was a petition sent around re: the quality and content of the exams. Despite being generally anti any sort of petition I was like GIVE ME THAT THING AND LET ME SIGN IT WITH THIS BIG BLACK WHITEBOARD MARKER AND UNDERLINE IT WITH MY BLOOD.

The anatomy exam (organised and written by different people) was great. Maybe it was just that after the crapness of the written exams anything seemed good, but it was predictable. Everything they said they’d examine, was examined. Anything I didn’t know was my fault because I’d skipped over it during study. Even if I couldn’t name something I recognised everything on the tables, and knew I’d just forgotten the name. It was really nice.

The clinical skills exam (three actors, each having a different problem, we talk to them blah blah blah) was pretty much the same. They told us what it would be like and *shock horror* it was exactly like they’d said.

Now we are waiting for results. That we were told would be out yesterday at 5pm.

Not that anything surprises us anymore.


4 Responses to “Exams”

  1. dragonfly Says:

    The positive and negative examples you get from medical school. Both win and fail. Hope it goes alright for you though.

  2. dragonfly Says:

    (I meant win and fail in a nerdy lolspeak way….sorry, didn’t think that that was the wrong word to use regarding exams, even if I meant how well designed and written they were). Gah, comment fail from me.

  3. C Says:

    ahahaha I knew what you meant 🙂 coincidently, I did win and fail though. But am celebrating the win first before I throw a pity party for my fail!

  4. doctor007 Says:

    this is what I like to call a ‘waap waap waaaap’ moment for the university, but I really should come up with another, less wieldy name since they are a daily happening at our particular school.

    In short, it was worse than our exam block last year, but what did you expect? Progress?

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