Rings & Braces

A few things have happened since I went on a bit of a blogging hiatus.

1. Dutchboy & I got engaged.

2. I got braces & a palate expander.

3. I got sick.

Suffice to say, I am very happy about one of those developments and not so excited about the others…

Friendly orthodontist did say that I could have them off for the wedding (January) but I neglected to ask if he meant the expander as well. Having wanted braces for years now I didn’t take much notice when he mentioned the expander. “Yeah, yeah, yeah that sounds great – so I can get braces right??”

I’m really happy to be finally fixing my teeth but a little bit of googling may not have gone astray…The expander is shithouse a bit of a pain.

For scharters, I schpeak really schtrangely (juscht like Schelly, Schtan’s older schister in Schouthpark). Secondly, vomiting with a piece of plastic that gets anything caught under it cemented to the roof of your mouth is not something I had considered. Scheriously.  So it makes sense that the day before I got the braces and torture device expander put on I caught a horrid feverish version of something and have spent the last few days lying in bed sucking iceblocks and spewing elegantly.

But enough about that. If you want to take ten years off your life, I highly recommend braces. 14 year old med student, anyone?


4 Responses to “Rings & Braces”

  1. *C Says:

    CONGRATULATION!!!! ….not for getting a vomit trapping palate thingy – obviously – but for the public declaration of love and commitment business.

    And good luck re: exam results.

  2. thedragonflyinitiative Says:

    Congratulations!! How long do you have to have the braces on for?

  3. C Says:

    Thanks 🙂 the braces are on for 18mths – 2 years but the palate expander vomit-trapping thingy will be gone in 6 months. THANK GOD!

  4. doctor007 Says:

    Wow, congratulations girl! Give my best to Dutch Boy 😉

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