Not as in “what’s up?” but rather…I have to SIT a supp. ugh.

I passed everything except Identity, Microbes and Defense. Or is it Immunity, Microbes and D..meh see? This is why I’m sitting the supp. I’m not even sure what the topic is called.

Not sure what the go is with when it is but the thought of studying for it makes me want to lie down and have another long nap. I do get a meeting with the year co-ordinator where we get to chat about my exam results. Perhaps the fact that I wrote that pubic lice were a STD and the cause was ‘lice in your pubes’ may come up…



5 Responses to “Sup?”

  1. *C Says:

    Uh! *Hugs* …Because unfortunately I know what you’re going through right now!

  2. thedragonflyinitiative Says:

    *Hugs*. Good luck! And don’t worry about not knowing the name of your unit. I haven’t known mine for the last year, I just write which year I am in on any assignment cover sheets and locate my exam rooms by seeing where all the people I know are waiting. (Not to hate on other students, just we are at the hospital full time so never get to know any of em).

  3. C Says:

    urrghhh thanks yall. Hugs are always welcome 🙂

  4. doctor007 Says:

    No that’s not it at all. It will be losing a DHC mark for calling the lice and sexually transmitted DISEASE rather than a sexually transmitted INFECTION.

    ‘Disease’ might make our precious patients feel bad about get nasty little crotch creatures.

    But who cares – you’re getting married! Can I be your best man?

    Good luck for the sup, you’ll do fine, you know things, it was their idiotic writing.

  5. C Says:

    I checked the pubic lice question for kicks during the review session & I got a mark for it. Put not for the causative agent: “lice in your pubes”.
    Come on?? 🙂

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