I walked into my exam review appointment with a pen, pad of paper & sloping shoulders. Hit me. Tell me what I did wrong & how I did it wrong, & why I did it wrong so I can fix it. Be blunt, brutal & honest.

I had already mentally prepared myself for the possibility that I would fail the supp, then the next exams, therefore the year, & be asked not to return for fear of sullying the name of the university.

I’d already had long discussions into the night with Dutchboy about living on the Gold Coast for another year if I did have to repeat. I’d already had over two weeks of staring into the sky every now & then, thinking “Soooo, self, you really aren’t cut out for this. You probably should have stayed in advertising & moved to Melbourne & be working your way up the agency ladder, made more money so you can eat out more. They have WAY better restaurants in Melbourne. You’ve really botched this up for us (‘us’ being my stomach & I).”

My appt time came, & went, as I waited outside the office. I’d been waiting for 16 days for this interview so what was another half hour? When I did get to go in, my paper wasn’t in the pile so back out I went into the corridor for ten minutes while someone hurried around trying to find it.

Finally, myself, my exam paper & the exam reviewer lady were all in the same room together. It was at this point that the exam reviewer opened up her computer screen.

Exam reviewer lady : Oh

Me: um…?

ERL: That’s strange.

Me: *blinking*

ERL: Sooo…it appears you only failed the exam by 0.4%. So if I was you I wouldn’t bother sitting the supp. You’ll only be able to make up 0.4%** which is really only about half a mark or so…mmmm. So….yeah.

Me: *stunned silence*

ERL: (obviously slightly uncomfortable with strange stunned mullet sitting opposite her) Sooooooo, just do well with your Cardio, Resp & Renal blocks & you’ll be fine.

She then went on to say some stuff, which I’ve heard before but never from someone in her position, about how the non-science students typically perform poorly in the first lot of exams & then make up for it later. How a borderline pass or a 0.4 fail is actually an okay score for a non-sci etc etc. It was surreal.

So, thank you, Lovely Exam Reviewer Lady & the good people at FirstChoice Liquor for making this long weekend unforgettable.

**When sitting a supplementary exam, no matter how well students perform they get given the pass mark.


4 Responses to “0.4”

  1. dragonfly Says:

    Woohoo!!! That is awesome. 0.4% is probably just down to what you had for breakfast that morning. Hope those other 3 blocks go well:-)

  2. *C Says:

    That’s great but frustrating too. I mean, they leave you hanging, feeling like this is far beyond you and then in the space of 0.4% they reassure you that this is the way it works for all of our ilk. I got pretty much the same feedback from our year level coordinator, and while I was happy to hear his reassurances, I did kind of think we could have had some advanced warning. Or support to not find ourselves in this situation in the first place. But anyway… you must be pleased to not be sitting the supp. Onwards and upward with the blocks to come. Yay. A frustrating relief!

  3. C Says:

    Thanks guys 🙂 It is frustrating…but I’m seeing it as a positive because by freaking out I’ve actually done shitloads more study for these blocks and had really lovely moments with ppl at uni being supportive.

    That hanging feeling is horrible though. Our student society thingo has a mentor program (2nd years paired with 1st years) that I really should have taken more advantage of during that particular block so I guess I did have support but didn’t use it well. *sigh* Lesson learnt.

  4. dragonfly Says:

    It is horrible, but being forced to study is sometimes beneficial. I have had to do masses of extra work for my consultant at the moment, and though I whinged about it at the, once it is done I can see that it is useful.
    Sometimes mentoring programs don’t really work, but when it does it totally makes up for all the others.

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