My memory is a trash talking leg-warmer wearing hairdresser who chews gum + talks about celebrities using their first names. It has no problem reciting celebrity trivia, the hyphenated names of their children, recipes, the hair colour of certain friends at certain points in time, where clothes were bought + at what price, what was eaten on nearly any given date in the last five years + the minute running details of all friends relationship sagas.

It does, however, have serious problems with basic mathematical tasks. Like my own age. Anyone enquiring as to my vintage gets “1985”. The alternative is to be met with a blank look as I try to remember what we ate at the last party…

Other people’s memories are Jason Bourne. Lean, well trained, better looking than the average memory, able to digest + recall an entire Medmap after reading it once.

I group study with the owner of such a memory + take great joy in being able to ask her any question at any time + know it will always be answered by a perfect textbook answer. Why? Because she is remembering EXACTLY what she read in the textbook.

How effing cool is that?

I have memory envy.


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3 Responses to “Memorieeeeees”

  1. dragonfly Says:

    It helps for the first year or so, depending on the course. Being able to synthesise is more useful later on. Trivia becomes curiously important. Patient details etc.

  2. C Says:

    Good to know that trivia has a place. I have noticed in PBL I can’t remember if they’ve got TB or pneumonia but know that their wife died six months ago & their family hasn’t been cooking nice food for them…
    *shakes head* But I guess that’s what charts are for 🙂

  3. dragonfly Says:

    That sort of stuff comes up in handover meetings all the time. Social history is often the major factor in nursing home placement. So being able to say that “the only daughter is in Morocco with the Peace Corps and plans to move to the UK for good after that” is often useful. As long as they are not confabulating…

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