Borderline personality disorder

That is, I think my school has one. Monday morning, opening my email:

Hi Loser Medically Blonde,

As promised  your paper was reviewed*. You have now been awarded a borderline pass.


Your Medschool

Confused but happy. What message does this send to all the little kiddies out there? Don’t worry, if you fail, just try, try again, just wait until someone decides that you should be awarded extra marks…

*I have no memory of them promising this, & I know I didn’t ask for it. But that could because after I heard the words “don’t have to sit a supp” I maaaaaaay have blanked out a little…


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2 Responses to “Borderline personality disorder”

  1. doctor007 Says:

    No, you are correct. Dissociative personality disorder, it’s so now. The United State of OurMedSchool.

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Pass!! Yay.

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