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Losing steam

October 31, 2009

DSCN0482-polaToday I have:

watered the vegie garden

looked at the garden

weeded microscopic hints of weeds from the area around the vegie garden

read the current frankie from front to cover.

(including all the copy in the ads)

organised my textbooks

rearranged all the medications, vitamins, bandaids, perfume, hair care, make up + dental paraphenalia in our bathroom

lined up all the shoes in our closet

started removing all the random bits of plastic bags, clothing tags + buttons that had accumulated on the floor of the closet under the piles of shoes…

until Dutchboy said “I highly doubt your exam is going to ask you the best way to arrange shoes”






October 29, 2009

Amateur Transplants

October 29, 2009

The smack bang absolute middle of study week.

October 28, 2009

DSCN0481-polaIts a bit exciting when “Anatomy & Physiology made Incredibly Easy!” is actually too easy. I wish I’d found this book in the library last semester but I’m pretty pleased with myself that I don’t need it this time. Can’t believe how far I’ve come from reading children’s anatomy books + pulling my hair out over all the big words.

That said, I still read Robbins with a dictionary.*

For a bit of a laugh here is an excerpt from the announcement made on our blackboard site regarding our Health + Community component of the exams:

“as a minimum, you should study the material from PBL tutorials, lectures and the supplied reference materials. However, we encourage students to going beyond this with a view to doing better and ultimately preparing more thoroughly better for the years ahead in the course and as doctors.”

Facebook status updates are having a field day with this. The current favourite is the use of the phrase “more thoroughly better”.

Er. Not that I’m on Facebook or anything…

That is, when I’m not using Robbins as a booster seat to sit more thoroughly better at my desk.

Top Search

October 27, 2009

Dear little lagging blog,

I must rejuvenate you lest your only readership be  people searching for:

‘older blonde goes for half er age’


Must keep a copy of all the random searches that bring people here.


October 26, 2009
the joy of tea, cupcakes + lilly

the joy of tea, cupcakes + lilly

Been doing too much of that to have time to do this. Have also been neglecting this. Exams pending in 1 week today. Feeling much better about them this time round but that could be because I know what to expect. I think a lot of last semester has actually clicked. I actually only really ‘got’ the RAAS thing a few weeks ago. You could hear the penny drop in my study.

It could also be because I’ve finally figured out my super-awesome, should-be-patented organising system. Only took my 3/4 of the year but take THAT, stupid Mounds-of-Paper.

I’ve also discovered…flashcards. Yes. Late bloomer. But I’ve never thought to do it.  Someone pointed me in the direction of some pharmacology drug cards + I pretty much swooned. I’m spending today finishing my flashcards for all the cases (+ humming the Flashdance theme)

May also try to shower…