Admin Strikes Again

8:30am Arrive at campus for ‘exam briefing’

8:30-8:45am am hang around outside wondering what the eff we need to be briefed about

8:45-9:00am Get ‘briefed’ on exam & leave more confused

9:10am get seated in exam room ready for exam to start at 9:30. Start chatting to people nearby.

9:30am notice lack of exam papers on desk + confused looking exam monitor people. Keep chatting.

9:45am announcement that exam papers are “coming” soon. They’re “just being printed.”


you know,

that couldn’t have been done at an earlier point in time.

10:00am Announcement made that exam paper are definitely “coming” in twenty minutes. Cue: laughter, mass exodus from room, people buying food, cigarettes being lit, generalised bitching about why on earth we though this time would be different.

10:25am start exam.

At least it broke the nerves?



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One Response to “Admin Strikes Again”

  1. doctor007 Says:

    Oh I heard about this fiasco. I’m putting it down to two simple things:

    1. The school is incompetent (we knew this already).
    2. They hate the current first year cohort.

    These are the only explanations, but look as a consolation – you only have another year with them. Oh wait, that doesn’t sound like a consolation….

    Oh well. Hope your exam went well!

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