The Gambler

It’s quite fitting that today’s exam fell on Melbourne Cup day. I was moaning to my mum about how in other courses I’ve studied you were given clear parameters of what to study. Learn this topic. It will be examined. The end. But with medicine it feels like they say “Learn these 42 topics. We will examine you on 3 of them. Plus a few more we found lying around that you hadn’t considered. Muhahaha.”

So you have to pick your bets wisely. Or even better hedge them so you learn a little bit about a lot of topics. It feels like the difference between doing okay + completely bombing out is just lucking out in what you choose to concentrate on or just quickly read over.  The other day my friend casually mentioned she wasn’t going to study the cystic fibrosis case too much because it probably wouldn’t be worth that many marks. I agreed. It’s only one case. How many marks can they allocate to it? hmmn? If it was a horse, that case would have pretty high odds. 1:20 or something.

But I studied it anyway + totally glossed over studying the arrhythmia case +  ECGs because I just don’t get them. It was a big gamble. I was sure I was going to lose marks over it.

First line of the exam paper reads: Jane is a seven year old with cystic fibrosis. Name 12 clinical features of cystic fibrosis that could develop over this patient’s lifetime.

The following TWO pages were question on CF. A substantial chunk of marks.

I was just lucky I bet on that horse. People who didn’t were unlucky. Not dumb or unprepared or worthy of failing. Unlucky. It’s near impossible to learn everything. You can have a broad overview of stuff at best. They could probably detail the pathogenesis of asthma, atherosclerosis + urinary tract infections but it didn’t matter.

Because two bloody pages were on CF.



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2 Responses to “The Gambler”

  1. *C Says:

    Whether it’s good luck or fine skills – it’s over! Hope you don’t have too many more ahead of you.

    Re: “Learn these 42 topics. We will examine you on 3 of them. Plus a few more we found lying around that you hadn’t considered. Muhahaha.”

    SO TRUE! Why do they do this? Why?!

  2. doctor007 Says:

    They hate you. It’s simple; they hate all of us. I don’t know why – maybe when they were little toddlers their mum ran off with a dashing young medical student and now they’re transferring their rage to us.

    It’s plausible.

    However, C, I’m in the midst of a study week that is all about “learn these 2,400 topics. We will examine you on 3 of them.”

    I hate integration.

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