I had a really weird bonding* moment with my orthodontist the other day. He asked me how exams were going (whilst he casually yanked my teeth) + I mentioned that I might not do as well as expected as I was using one textbook to sit on rather than read (which sounded like “arrr usshhin uuuun tessshbooo ooo ‘it arrrn ather an eaaaad”). He laughed + said he used to sit on one of his textbooks too, twenty years ago. It was a pathology text. Robbins.

I was, like, “oh my god. me too.”

He was, like, “oh my god.”

Then we pondered about how many students of dentistry + medicine around the world are sitting on Robbins (that is, he pondered, while I interjected with “aarrrrhh” every now + then).

*teeeeeeerrible braces pun.


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