Scientifically challenged

**for some reason this post didn’t publish on Monday**

Even with my lucky break on CF questions, I’m meeting with the year co-ordinator this morning to discuss my upcoming supp. Passed everything else but just can’t jump through the basic science hoop.

Have had blissful holidays for two weeks + now the thought of my flashcards makes my bones tired.


So at my meeting: Year coordinator said “Look. There’s not much to be worried about because you’re a whisker away from passing”. When I enquired as to exactly how much a “whisker” entailed in terms of marks, he replied “when you do this supp you just have to sneeze in the right direction”. Then trying to be positive, he said that I should relax because the supp will be just three hours out of my life. Um. Sure. But the studying + staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night will be for a week, no?

Perchant for metaphors aside, he was decidedly unhelpful. For example, apparently “salty sweat” is not a clinical sign for cystic fibrosis. Despite it being in our lecture slides.

And in Robbins.

Apparently, I should have written “excessive chloride present in sweat”. Even though the ENaC channel are also affected (by a different gene) and result in excessive Na+ as well. When you put Na+ and Cl- together, as far as I’m concerned, you get SALT. Am I wrong? Delusional? Wasn’t the question asking for clinical signs? What mother is going to say “I think my child has excessive chloride in their sweat”?

Marks like that were what I ‘failed’ over. He even said “Look, we can tell that you understand the concepts, + technically you’re correct but you’re not saying it the right way”. I wish I’d had someone confident with me who could get angry + argue until they gave me the whiskers worth of marks. Because all I did was smile + say “Oh. okay. woops.”

The whole language thing gets me down.

Supp is on Tuesday morning.


4 Responses to “Scientifically challenged”

  1. *C Says:

    Fark! Bastards! Because I thought demonstrating you understand the key concepts and being ‘technically correct’ was what it’s all about. I think that man needs a sneeze in the face and a swift kick in the shins. Do these people have any imagination of what it might feel like to be in your shoes? Hmmph. Maybe they do. Maybe they don’t care. Bastards!

    Results out next Monday. Could find myself your shoes.

    Good luck. Thinking of you.

  2. doctor007 Says:

    You’re probably in your exam right now, and so I feel for you. I also had to do a supp for the exact same reasons, and the exact same man spoke to me in drunken riddles also. Apparently drawing the internal capsule in detail but forgetting to label it ‘internal capsule’ is an inexcusable faux pas worthy of a fail borderline. You will do great.

    As for salty sweat, this is how we diagnose CF, no?


  3. Hayley Says:

    I’m sending the luck too late, but I’m sure you’ve been sneezing in all the right directions. You’ll be fine. X

  4. C Says:

    Thanks dearies. The good luck vibes were felt. I do wish I’d thought to sneeze in his face *C. haha.

    Hope your supp was a titillating as mine Dr007. Ours was 40 mins late. Exam papers “still being printed”. For four students. Care to top that?

    Hayley – your exhibition looks like a textbook example of sneezing in the right direction 🙂 had a squiz at the fb photos. the venue looks so cozy. hope it went well. xx

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