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December 6, 2009

I wish I lived in a colder climate so I could wear more clothes. Dutchboy + I were discussing this yesterday. He used to have contempt for the way Australian’s dressed saying that we always wore our clothes a touch too baggy, exclaiming “doesn’t anyone in this country know their clothing size?”. After this “spring” thick heat he finally gets it. Clothes touching your skin are just horrible reminders that you’re not naked. Or in a pool of ice.

My supp was mediocre. Some of the questions were too easy + I feel like I over-answered them in an attempt to show I really did know stuff, even if it was unrelated. Other questions were really hard. I under-answered them. There didn’t seem to be an in between.

Cest la vie. It’s sprummer.* The broadwater is calling. Cold apple cider is waiting.

…and I have a wedding fiesta to plan.

*spring that doesn’t realise its not summer yet