Onward, onward.

The wonderful thing about these holidays is that, even though things are busy, with christmas, new year + a wedding happening in one week, there is nothing,

*NOTHING* to study.

I cannot emphasise enough how utterly fabulous it is not to open a textbook. I feel refreshed. I feel ready to actually put pen to paper again. I even bought a second hand $3.00 copy of The Concise Gray’s Anatomy the other day without shuddering at the thought of reading it.

I found out on December 17th that I had passed  year one. That afternoon the 5pm mandatory glass of wine with mum was a champagne. Our neighbours + a friend popped over + we drank to…anything. My friend + I stayed up late drinking wine, then tea + managed to cut out 90 metres of bunting (for aforementioned wedding). It’s been a good few weeks. Next week should be even better with family + friends + cake with that amazing fondant icing. I’ve had a thing about it since I was little + mum used to bring us back slices from weddings she + dad went to. Ahhhhh fondant.

Now off to see Avatar with the Dutch-husband-to-be + bask in the lack of textbooks.


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6 Responses to “Onward, onward.”

  1. *C Says:

    Happy new year Blondie! I’ve noticed your absence. Glad to hear uni finished well. And hope the big day is all fun and fanfare. What are the chances will get photos?!

  2. C Says:

    Happy new year *C! its awfully nice to be missed. some revelry shots are a definite. One more week 🙂 xx

  3. dragonfly Says:

    Happy new year!! Is it your wedding or someone elses? If not, have you set a date for your own?

  4. C Says:

    Happy new year Dragonfly! ’tis my wedding indeed. I’ll make sure to have photos of the amazing fondant icing my mother has spent hours making (she keeps reminding me) lol.

  5. dragonfly Says:

    Congratulations in advance then! Hope you guys get a nice break together somewhere before uni starts again and steals your time..

  6. doctor007 Says:

    Congratulations, C!

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