A decade

I’ve just read a post of a faraway childhood friend that has inspired me to look back on the last decade. I heralded the new year with some friends, some wine, a hilarious game of “Balderdash” + a countdown of the best (in our opinion) of the hits of the noughties…+ then nineties…ahhhh + then eighties. It was fun. But I’m sorry we forgot to do a tradition started by an old friend of mine, where we look back on the year. So I’ll look back on the decade now, instead.

I was 14 in 2000 + living in the stifling backwardness that is Catholic school in country NSW. There were no hair straighteners in 2000. Or ipods. I had a discman + flyaway hair + a dislike for kneeling on wooden pews for long periods of time. The thought of inflicting dental work on myself was alien. If I’d known in ten years I would have self-inflicted braces I would have said something teen-witty like “whatever. care factor zero”.

I moved to Brisbane a few years later for no other reason than a need to get away from home, but not too far that I couldn’t come back…to, er…visit. I was in awe of the kids who moved the 9 hours away to Sydney. They seemed so brave. I fell into journalism. Then fell quickly out of it when we were lectured on how to do a “death knock”. I met one of my dearest friends in that year so it wasn’t a waste. We left quickly, fueled by a steely resolve that we were never going to knock on a grieving person’s door for the sake of “news”.

I changed courses, academically + socially. I had to get away from Brisbane. Light years away. The hot, dusty streets + tiny clubs full of people who knew people you knew was driving me mental. I needed to be anywhere but there. I remember reading a Lonely Planet of Hong Kong, after I’d booked flights + secured a uni place, which said it was the most densely populated place on earth + thinking “shit”.

I learned how to move swiftly in a crowd.

I met Dutchboy within 24 hours of landing. After that, it was surprisingly simple. He came to Australia. I went to the Netherlands. He moved to Australia. We drove around Europe in a tiny red car with no air conditioning + had loud emphatic fights in foreign cities. We moved to Newcastle, Brisbane + then set sail for Melbourne. Except we didn’t…quite get there.

So now, at the end of the decade, I’m less than 200km from where I started. But, right now, there is nowhere I’d rather be.



One Response to “A decade”

  1. Hayley Says:

    Life is amazing, isn’t it? Good decade 🙂

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