Just keep swimming…

I went here again. After vowing I wouldn’t. But this time it was awesome. Probably because I was one of the more, um, enthusiastic campers this year. Maybe it was the anticipation of a night of inebriation. A night that I thought of surprisingly often during the week leading up to it, thinking “Yes, right now you are lugging three bags full of notes, a computer, your lunch AND dinner and don’t look like coming home before 9pm but…there is a alcohol-induced relaxation in four sleeps.”

I am now that someone who looks longingly forward to getting drunk. Having just looked at treating alcohol-dependance I’m aware that’s one big step in an interesting direction. I now understand my friend,who, when he started med 6 six ago, tried to explain that when you work so hard, you have to play hard. And fast. To get the maximum out of that allocated night.

My study routine has been more serious this year. More midnight oil. More caffeine. More stationary involved. There are scissors, glue sticks, coloured pens, sticky tab things and multiple books. I’m just barely keeping my head above the surface of the information tidal wave by grasping onto this ridiculous amount of stationary. It’s keeping me afloat.

I am slightly behind but I know I can make it up if I study all this weekend. Something I wouldn’t even contemplate last year, but now is just a given. The work has to be done. So it will be done. The end.

My bachelor-of-arts-habits just won’t cut it with Med. The long afternoon reading sessions curled up with a novel and a tea. Weekends of recipes that came with cooking times of days, not minutes. Ringing friends to go do something, anything, anywhere because “I’m bored”. Whole “days off”. These concepts just won’t fit inside this new year. They didn’t fit last year, no matter how hard I tried to make them.

Reading blogs for 10 minutes. Sitting on the sun-drenched balcony for a quick breakfast. Tea in the library. Meals of dip + bread + fruit. Packets in my locker. Supplements. Calling a neglected friend whilst walking to or from uni, or waiting for lunch to heat up in the common room microwave. Afternoons off. Sleeping.

These might just do.

For now.


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