Considering moving south.
40 minutes south.
It would cut the trip home to see my family in half.
It would make the trip to uni 20 x longer
It would, however, make little difference to the 16,000km trip to the in-laws.

A quieter area.
More trees.
Closer to the beach.
Less concrete.
Less smoking bogans hanging around busstops
Won’t miss walking through their exhalations in order to buy groceries.

Will missbeing <4km from nearly every friend I’ve made here.

Next year I may be able to study at the hospital down south.

Dutch boy is applying for a course at the university down there.

It’s a little gamble.

I may not get into that hospital.

But I might.

Is it worth the travelling 40 minutes up and down the coast for the remainder of this year?

I haven’t lived more than walking distance away from work or uni in…

Six years.

I read some article in the SMH about the benefits of living and working in the same community.

I’d hated wasting >2 hours travelling to and from school.

I was never going to do that again.

Yet here we are.
Considering moving south.


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