Putting in the hours.

A pearl of wisdom found in this post from “The long road to medical school”

there is this myth that you have to be “smart” to do well in hard science classes. The truth is that they just require more solid knowledge and practice than social science/humanities classes and leave very little room for BS. But in the end, I think hard science classes are easier in a way because you won’t get a B+ if your professor disagrees with your interpretation of the text. You either know the material or you don’t, and that is completely within your control.


You just have to put in the hours.

I haven’t been posting much because I’ve been putting in the hours. Neuro, psych and musculoskeletal hit me for six. Despite putting in the hours I had to sit a supp.

So, I put in more hours.

(passed the supp)

Now, we have three weeks until our last exams for the year. There is a computer chair in the library with the exact impression of my butt from the hours I’ve been putting in.

Last year I had no concept of the hours required to learn this volume of information.I think emotions and a sense of entitlement to some form of creative-god-given-freedom hindered my ability to be a solid studier last year. I would get upset about the idea of spending all weekend in the library. It was unthinkable. Torture. A huge sacrifice.

I even printed off Albert Einstein’s quote “Never regard study as a duty, but as an enviable opportunity to learn” in an attempt to boost my productivity. But it was only recently that I “got” it. It isn’t a duty at all. It is awesome to study this stuff. It’s amazing I was able to dissect a body part this semester. It’s incredible that in two years this “torture” and “sacrifice” has turned me  from someone who couldn’t stand blood into someone who strokes non-med friend’s hands at dinner and says hypnotically “you have great veins…I’d really like to practice cannulation on veins like that”

Last year I was fearful of exams, anxious about results and full of self doubt. I felt like I’d scraped through to second year without deserving it. This year with this weird enthusiasm that’s started to bubble up, I feel like I want to put in more. Study more. Spend weekends reviewing. It makes me feel a little more in control and less likely to periodically fall in a heap.

I just can’t believe it took nearly two years to realise what my mum has been telling me for years.

Just go to the library. And then study. Repeat.


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2 Responses to “Putting in the hours.”

  1. jazziefizzle Says:

    haha nice to see I have very exciting weekends to look forward to!

    A doctor friend had a fun way to explain what med is like. He said: imagine I told you that you had to eat a small piece of gravel… A bit unpleasant but not impossible. Now, imagine I told you that there is a tonne of gravel outside that you need to eat over the next four years…

    It is not that the content is so hard or impossible to study, but the sheer volume that makes it difficult.

    Seems like you are starting to enjoy the taste of gravel 🙂 xx

  2. C Says:

    haha I like the gravel analogy. once you get used to the crunch its actually amazing 😉

    On a similar vein, have you read this?

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