Path of least resistance

or “How to easily climb a hill”…

I have been climbing hills the wrong way. I’ve been trying to sprint up the highest points because that path looked the quickest, but it ends up being in full sun where I get horribly sunburnt and out of breath in no time with a hideous red face (uh, hills in this case being exams).

No more.

It seems paradoxical that the ‘easy’ path of least resistance is to study every day but it is. There is less stress. I’m not trying to cram things. By taking time to try and understand each concept I’m no longer having anxiety-filled sleepless nights. Its taking longer and requiring more rest stops, but its nicer. Climbing the hill, slowly and steadily but without breaking into a sweat.

Although that’s not to say I look beautifully calm and peaceful.

Au contraire.
I look homeless.
(But maybe leaning towards a homeless buddhist…)


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