– cleaning of new yoga mat (read: dunking of mat in bath of soapy water to avoid faceplanting it during next downward dog, as have done for last two classes. Note to self: new yoga mats are super slippery if not cleaned before use…)

– have become a ‘bike riding person’. complete with super cute basket that detaches for grocery shopping.

– cycled to amazing cafe twice this weekend for chai with friends.

– cleaned out wardrobe and jewellery and created ebay selling pile

– managed to ignore ebay selling pile for entire weekend, even though must step over it (due to its enormity) to get into bedroom.

– eaten more blueberries than ever. pondered why I used to baulk at paying $3.99 for a punnet when I am regularly paying $5.00 for bread…which I do not enjoy as much as blueberries. ahh blueberries. the bluest of fruits.

– painted most of furniture that stood still long enough white.

– went spontaneously to neighbourhood party. have awesome neighbours. made friends.

– had strange haircut experience with a hairdresser who, whilst philosophically talking about colour therapy told me that, for example, I would not be able to pull off like, spiky red hair as I’m not “like, out there” and “daring” enough and then queried why the back of my head was “flat”.

– discovered the bakery of my dreams. and then the second bakery of my dreams…and then third. This new suburb is almost 50% bakery.

– oh yeah, MOVED HOUSE. To the beach. Spontaneously. One weekend. Marvelled at ability to look at rental on a thursday and be sleeping in it two days later, on the Saturday night. Its easy to move quickly when you’re escaping a hothouse.

– explored two new suburbs

– have become an early riser thanks to surgical schedule.

– have decided not to become surgeon. thanks to surgical schedule.

– have seen babies born by caesarean, and the most impressive sacral pressure wound. Am embarrassed to admit that the pressure wound took my breath away more. But in fairness, birth and caesareans are spoken about. Nobody talks about pressure wounds. Not like these ones. No way.

– have started to suck the marrow out of the weekend (a strange metaphor for a vegetarian, but none else does it justice).

– have taken a lot of baths. because we (finally) have a bath. I’m ashamed to admit, it feels like we’ve “arrived”. Now when my mother tells me to “go and have a bath” after a long hysterical conversation about some trivial thing thats got me in a fit I can actually go and do it. Instead of dissolving into a heap of tears sobbing “buu…uut I doo…on’t HAVE one!” I freaking love baths.

– started yoga and ‘power pilates’. the yoga is lovely. however may tone down the, er ‘power’ after weekend of neck pain and discussion with former physio turned junior doctor. have started to reconsider the wisdom of putting my neck out (so to speak) to get into positions for a class being led by a (lovely) junior instructor with a 12 week training course behind her. But there are foot rubs at the end…


Not Accomplished;

– estudiar

– étudier

– s.t.u.d.y


My father did say, upon taking in the surroundings of the new place, the cycle paths, old fashioned grocery stores, the proximity to cafes, vegetarian restaurants and the beach, “Make sure you don’t get too distracted”.

Distracted? From thyroid cancer, trauma algorithms and diabetes? Never…


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3 Responses to “Distracted?”

  1. jazziefizzle Says:

    I am actually a little jealous now that we don’t live by the beach and all these fabulous bakeries! Must come for a visit sometime soon xx

  2. jazziefizzle Says:

    ps. you really must be distracted… 2 posts in one weekend?? haha

  3. Dr. Skeptic Says:

    Good to see you restart blogging after such a long gap! Keep ’em coming!

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