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On rebooting.

April 28, 2011

Having been at it since January cracks were starting to appear at the edges of more than a few people. We have a week of holidays coming up in June and a few long weekends sprinkled here and there but ohhh my kingdom for a-undergraduate-arts-degree-timetable. I don’t know how I’m going to cope when I’m a real person working in the real world and have to put in preferences with other interns for the weeks of leave.

The easter weekend was well anticipated. Because I’m now a complete loser I’d planned to “use it to catch up on study”. That’s right. I’d planned to use the only days off I’ve had since January to CATCH UP ON STUDY. But thankfully we went home to my parents and my notes stayed in the bag, as the niece, and family did their magic and distracted me for four days.

I didn’t want to go back to the hospital. It seems that having a little bit of time off is a tantalising reminder of what life would be like if you, say, quit and became a normal person again.

I don’t like the rotation I’m on. I thought I’d LOVE it. I was looking forward to it. Lady bits and birth and women woo! But I miss the security of the team I was on with surgery. Its nothing really against obs and gyne but my preference to be with one group for the whole seven weeks. We get switched around to different departments every week, and I’ve met some lovely consultants and registrars…but thats the last contact I’ll have with them. I’d like to stay somewhere and develop a bit of a relationship.

Where I am now makes me feel like flotsam and jetsam, thrown around to a different place every day. I thought I was an adventurous person…but it turns out I like a bit of stability afterall – even if its just because I’m terrible at reading timetables.

*sigh* back to the two hour online lecture on vaginal discharge….


Anticipating Antenatal Angst or “Awful Alliteration”

April 4, 2011

There is nothing to make you more acutely aware of the emptiness of your uterus than reading obstetrics chapters. Or paediatric notes. It’s a cruel irony that most female medical students are studying this shit when they’re at their most fertile. If I have to read one more cute developmental chart or see another cute neonate photo in a textbook, I’m afraid for the safety of my Pill. There is a tiny sassy pregnant lady in my brain saying “Throw out that silly little pill! Drop out of that silly little prison med school…Join us for mothers group at the park. We can compare slings and talk attachment parenting, and drink chai! Maria baked a slice!” *

I’m off to get see if I can secure prophylactic SSRIs before I start my women’s health rotation because seven weeks of antenatal clinics is going to be a hoot for the begrudgingly childless.

Surgery has been such a delightful distraction.

*am well aware that childrearing involves more than slings and chai at the park but please indulge me here. I’ve been doing study cards on ear infections all morning. I need to dream…