Anticipating Antenatal Angst or “Awful Alliteration”

There is nothing to make you more acutely aware of the emptiness of your uterus than reading obstetrics chapters. Or paediatric notes. It’s a cruel irony that most female medical students are studying this shit when they’re at their most fertile. If I have to read one more cute developmental chart or see another cute neonate photo in a textbook, I’m afraid for the safety of my Pill. There is a tiny sassy pregnant lady in my brain saying “Throw out that silly little pill! Drop out of that silly little prison med school…Join us for mothers group at the park. We can compare slings and talk attachment parenting, and drink chai! Maria baked a slice!” *

I’m off to get see if I can secure prophylactic SSRIs before I start my women’s health rotation because seven weeks of antenatal clinics is going to be a hoot for the begrudgingly childless.

Surgery has been such a delightful distraction.

*am well aware that childrearing involves more than slings and chai at the park but please indulge me here. I’ve been doing study cards on ear infections all morning. I need to dream…


2 Responses to “Anticipating Antenatal Angst or “Awful Alliteration””

  1. hayley Egan Says:

    Speaking of slings, I never knew how fascinating tying a baby to you is. I am SO obsessed with carrying methods. That is a little sad… and hmmm slice…..
    Are you going to be a baby doctor?

  2. C Says:

    Not sad at all. I’ve been fascinated with slings for a long time now. Maybe its a Channon Market memory? And slice IS good. *sigh* I think I might have to be a baby dr. I got properly peed on the other week and found it hilarious. Sure that’s reference enough?

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