My mother-in-law kept my husband’s first baby tooth.
In the months before our wedding she took it to a jeweller and designed a pendant with the tooth polished to look like a pearl. A row of garnets twisted around it.
Then on our wedding day she presented it to me in front of all our guests. Some thought it was sweet, but most thought it was strange.
I must admit, I was in the strange camp and delighted in the shock on people’s faces whenever the story was told.

Recently I took it to a jeweller to see if it could be placed on a ring, as I don’t wear necklaces very often, and the garnets taken off to keep it plainer. The jeweller kept it for a week, and wrote out a quote of options for me to think over. I placed the pendant in the zipper compartment of my wallet to take home & make a decision. I close the zipper and make a mental note to put it somewhere safe when I get home. “It would be a shame to take it all apart – it is a really well crafted piece” The jeweller looks at me and smiles. She never tries to make a sale. Just tells you what she thinks, tapping her black stained fingers.

I mull it over during the week and decide I like it as it is. I should start wearing it more often. My MIL spent time and love creating it. It’s his baby tooth. It’s kind of quirky.

I look into my wallet. The zipper is open.
The pendant is gone.


2 Responses to “Guilt”

  1. *C Says:

    Oh shit…

  2. jazziefizzle Says:

    whoops! Ahhh well, you never know it may someday re-appear…

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