serendipitous dining

I stayed back late at uni to go to a friend’s lecture on ECGs (because I think they look like great fabric patterns and not much more). It turned out to be more beneficial as this decision led to a series of events that resulted in one of those nice perfect opportunities.

It finished up at 7:30 so I popped into a great Japanese place that does amazing hot chilli noodles with kimchi. Waiting for my takeaway I spied my surgical registrar from earlier in the year eating with another colleague. We had had a great relationship, and struck up a funny friendship. She smiled and waved. I waved back. Once I had my steaming noodles I stopped at her table on the way out to say goodbye.

Her colleague is lovely as well and asked a few questions about my new rotation, how our exams went, chatting about his new students, enquiring into how we enjoyed surgery etc. Before I knew it I’d been leaning against the wall near their table for nearly fifteen minutes. I made a move to leave but they insisted I stay and eat my noodles at their table.

It was one of those lovely, spontaneous meetings that had great flowing conversation, laughter and great stories. They’re both surgical registrars with high ambitions, tough jobs and insane work hours, yet they had so much joy about uni, life, travel, career options,hospital gossip and of course, food. It was really refreshing, especially after a whole day at uni, to see that at the end of all these, even in the midst of a gruelling program people are still people with *gasp* great personalities, and hilarious conversation.

I mentioned how much I missed the teaching this reg had given during our time with her, as its not available in all the other rotations I’ve been on (she had done diplomas in medical education and really made a point to get us involved). She said that she’d just changed jobs and didn’t have any med students so any time I wanted to spend time with her if I had a day off I could spend it with her, doing plastics.

I nearly choked on my noodles. Acting nonchalant I was all like “Oh yeah, that would be great, thanks. I’ll totally take you up on that.How great are these noodles, hey?”

Here comes the embarrassingly nerdy confession. I love plastics. Not the “boob and nose job” aspect of it (which does predominate in my particular area…) but the finesse and skill of the surgeons. The art. The sewing. My name is MedicallyBlonde and I totally get off on suturing. To the degree that my freezer holds six pig trotters, ready for defrosting when my suturing buddy comes over and we drink wine and …well…suture on a friday night.*

The opportunity to be able to shadow a plastics registrar and consultant is beyond exciting. I don’t want to actually *be* a plastic surgeon (although if there was some kind of dream world where I could be one for one day a week and the rest be a GP that would work), but I want to have the neatest suturing skills possible. Because if a patient comes into my (imaginary future) GP practice with some trivial laceration I want to be able to do it as close to how a plastic surgeon might. I’m competitive about that particular skill. Venepuncture and ABGs can be damned, but by god I need to do a perfect stitch. It might come from being an OCD knitter. And crocheter. And embroiderer. It was that damn cross-stitch they teach you in primary school. Got me hooked.

So there. I’m officially a dork. I love basic suturing and…dermatology. The uncoolest aspects of medicine. I just get off on skin in general. Just pass me the thick bifocals and I’ll sit in the corner reading my derm books and playing with my 4.0 nylon.

*what do you think of my trotter-work? 


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3 Responses to “serendipitous dining”

  1. jazziefizzle Says:

    Amazing! what a fab opportunity!! you will definitely be seeing a lot of boobs though ahahaha

  2. C Says:

    ahh yes not keen on the boobs so much, but it’s such a huge part of our local flora and fauna… 😉

  3. Allison Says:

    Wait, you love plastics? I love plastics! Clearly we were meant to be friends via blogging. No but really, I love the pure art of plastics (again, minus the boobs part) but I always have to explain myself after I tell someone this- you know, I’m not going into medicine to give the next generation larger breasts but because I find it fascinating. And you can travel around the world doing reconstructive surgery.
    Best of luck shadowing them in plastics, you’re going to have a blast!

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