Learn all the things

I feel like this post is written about my life.

Instead of cleaning, or buying groceries or going to the bank I’ve been occasionally doing some scribbling on paper.

Generally nonsensical statements. Like this one:

“Clozapine is generally therapeutic at serum levels above 350mcg/L and has a threshold for inducing seizures at 1000mcg/L thus why most patients are kept within the range of 350-600mcg/L. Levels above this require sodium valproate for anticonvulsant cover”

Which I read back later as:

“Some drug does something good at a level but something bad at another level so ask the ward pharmacist something when using the drug for something otherwise badness with the shaking and the seizing and something with probably family yelling and legal proceedings and oooh chocolate…I didn’t know I had chocolate in this pencil case…mmn”

There is definitely a split personality happening here.

One gets hypomanic and obsessive compulsively lays out the stationary into order of colour, then writes notes feverishly with excessive highlighting.

Then a few days later the other personality reads the manic one’s notes and scoffs, pours another gin and hops into bed with the electric blanket and a Charles Bukowski novel.

Unfortunately gin drinker is predominating.


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2 Responses to “Learn all the things”

  1. --Sunrise-- Says:

    Hey hey I see an Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine AND an Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties in the photo…. welcome to my world too. đŸ™‚

  2. C Says:

    haha how great are they? The fell in love with OHCS for the inside cover alone – so pretty. (aaaand I love all the sarcastic comments they sneak into the borders and endnotes)

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