Dear Mucous

I hope you’ll indulge me. I wrote a song. An ode to mucous, if you will.


“Dear mucous,

Fu-uck you.”




3 Responses to “Dear Mucous”

  1. --Sunrise-- Says:

    Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! I love visitors and I love it even more when they leave comments behind! 🙂 So cool that you’re a med student from Australia, whereabouts in Oz are you from (if you wanna say) – always wanted to go to Melbourne (Neighbours!). 🙂 How is Y3 treating you? I am from a science background (ish, over here in the UK there is no premed so I joined med straight after high school/sixth form college – age 18 anyway, dunno the Oz equivalent), and I am still so very medically blonde so I can totally relate! (Though I am sure you are smarter than me anyway..) 🙂

  2. C Says:

    Hey no worries! 🙂 I *wish* I was in Melbourne but instead of culture, cafes and Neighbours we’re the region of fake tans, beaches, melanomas and boob jobs (Gold Coast, Queensland). Y3 is nuts – same in the UK? We have our final exams in a year and I can’t get my head around being an intern in January 2013. It. feels. way. too. soon. EEK.

  3. flairtoremember Says:

    Hahaha legend!!! Love this!! 🙂

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