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Advertising meets Medicine

March 24, 2010


Trendy Ad friend from previous life: OH MY GOD! you had to do a GENITAL EXAM ON A REAL PERSON?

Me: Yeah! It was awesome. It’s just so great that people donate their time to be patients, you know? We couldn’t learn otherwis…*cut off*

TAFFPL: Ew. I just think it’s really weird that there is this whole subset of the population who are deemed “doctors” and people just, like, go to them and take their pants off and show them their sores and stuff.

Me: *blinks*

TAFFPL: It really freaks me out.

Me: Doctors, as a concept, freak you out?

TAFFPL: Totally.

Me: *blinks*

TAFFPL: *blinks*

Me: So how IS {insert trendy ad agency}?

TAFFPL (visibly relaxes now that horrible topic is behind us): Oh, it’s amazing! I’m working with accounts on this awesome campaign at the moment for {insert fast food chain}. It’s so satisfying to be able to make a real difference to the client. You know?

Me: oh yeah. I really, uh, miss that.