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On being a groundhog (or Sympathising with Bill Murray)

September 10, 2011

Hamster in a wheel feeling.

Bleary eyed cup of tea.

Out of milk.

Never mind. Have it black. Put the toast on.

Bread…where is the…oh. ¬†Out of bread.

Never mind. Have cereal instead. Pour in bowl.

Shit. Out of milk.

Damn it.

Get in car. Spill tea on dress.

Repeat tomorrow.

Fatigued in the afternoon.

(Fatigued in the morning.)

(Fatigued in the evening.)

Stepping over the mound of unwashed laundry in the bathroom.

Stacking the dishes higher.

Piling the articles to read higher.

Balancing the “to do” list on top of them.

Eating the fridge bare until crackers and canned tomato sound like a reasonable meal.

Still finding time to avoid all basic household tasks and life skills in order to trawl the internet reading blogs.

We’re in procrastination season.

Nine weeks and counting down until…


(For third year…obviously not final exams ever.

Because they don’t