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There must be 50 ways to leave your lover…

March 10, 2009

copyright Peter Walker

When one changes from deep discussions about whether or not to go serif or sans serif on a particular font for a campaign, to learning different ways the human body can malfunction, it can be a bit of an adjustment.

I was trained in communication theory + practice; to persuasively argue any point (whether it was correct or not), + to sell any product (whether I believed in it or not) to a profiled, segmented target market. Lord, I wrote an essay on a SKYY vodka print commercial that received a high distinction whilst actually including the sentence “The values connoted by way in which the lime is sliced are different than if curled lime rind had been used (connoting femininity) or a thin slice had been placed on the rim of the glass (connoting relaxation).”  

I was in a delightfully, indulgent world where people gave a damn about semiotics, shades of colour + originality.

This new world of physiology only gives a damn about facts. 

Facts shown in flowcharts. Flowcharts that break the disease process down to show how hypoxia of a certain area leads to anoxia which leads to cell death which leads to tissue death which can cause enough damage to lead to…well, death-death. 

So, I find myself humming this song, getting my head around the fact that there are more ways to expire than I have ever imagined possible.