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Food vs Study

March 29, 2010

Food eaten:

2 x wholemeal toast with baked beans

+ sliver of vegan butter

soy blueberry yoghurt.

Cup of tea.

Half of last nights mushroom stroganoff, rice, green peas, zucchini + snowpeas

Small reward of handful of potato chips in a portion controlled bowl

Soy strawberry yoghurt.

Small bowl of grapes.

Small bowl of watermelon chunks.

Large handful of potato chips.

Hot chocolate

Fruit pole snack fruit thingy

Handful of rockmelon chunks

Another cup of tea.

Orange juice

Microwaved leftover indian with chopped up tomato (added from guilt induced by watching Biggest loser)

Remainder of watermelon chunks eaten out of container

Remainder of rockmelon eaten out of container

Stray grapes eaten off carpet

Piece of freshly baked chocolate cake with sliver large dollop of vegan butter

Smaller piece of chocolate cake.

Spoonfuls of chocolate icing pooling at bottom of cake plate.

Remainder of potato chips from packet

Vegan mayonnaise sandwich.

Scoops of chocolate icing. With fingers.

Large glass of merlot.

Study completed:

One case.


Me vs Study Week III

March 25, 2010

It is upon us.

The eve of study week.

I know because:

  • my floor is papered with pictures of people-insides.
  • our conversations consist of: “Darling, um, can you just…”  “leave the study area? Yes, already going”.
  • I’m blogging more, social-networking more + GOING TO THE GYM MORE.
  • I have a uniform (comfy jeans + 3 cotton shirts on rotation, as opposed to SWI’s black tights + grey jumper-of-knowledge + SWII’s Underwear-of-Heatwave)
  • the librarian knows my name. I know this because she used it when she requested I leave because they were trying to close…

In saying that, I did have a delightful study break when my Mum, niece  + brother visited today. Mum, bro + I had great time. Niece had ridiculously great time. Because when you’re 17 months old everything is ridiculously great.

Its ridiculously great because your day consists of smooshing chocolate cake into things, dancing, playing in parks, blowing kisses to strangers without getting arrested, squealing + making random siren noises, smashing icecream into your eyebrows + flinging noodles at people in restaurants.

I’d like to drop out of uni to be a toddler, please?

How to tell its Study Week II:

June 27, 2009

I have worn nothing but various leggings + Dutchboy’s jumper for over 7 days. Jumper is now referred to as the Jumper-of-Knowledge + cannot be washed lest the knowledge it has acquired leaches out. 

Am also contemplating buying three more pairs of black leggings to wear to exams in case the pairs I have mysteriously disappear…

A friend pointed out (on one of the many, many Facebook updates we seem to be doing):

“study week is like being pregnant…constant background feeling of nausea, weird cravings, eating huge amounts, + a complete loss of common sense”

I’d like to add slow emotional wreckage.

It started as niggling fear of failure. Throw in a few exam-themed nightmares + it crept up to being a fear of failure so astounding that I’m not even offered a supp exam. Soon I was sobbing quietly down the phone to mum incoherently spluttering “unprepared…all my fault…can’t pass…can’t draw f*cking cell mediated immunity flow chart….HATE FLOW CHARTS…*hiccup*” until she told me to take a deep breath + watch some awful TV. 

So, with questionable hygiene, a weird microwaved hashbrown addiction + incredible self doubt, Study Week continues…

How to tell its Study Week:

June 22, 2009

I just attempted to open my front door by swiping my uni access card over the keyhole.