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Food vs Study

March 29, 2010

Food eaten:

2 x wholemeal toast with baked beans

+ sliver of vegan butter

soy blueberry yoghurt.

Cup of tea.

Half of last nights mushroom stroganoff, rice, green peas, zucchini + snowpeas

Small reward of handful of potato chips in a portion controlled bowl

Soy strawberry yoghurt.

Small bowl of grapes.

Small bowl of watermelon chunks.

Large handful of potato chips.

Hot chocolate

Fruit pole snack fruit thingy

Handful of rockmelon chunks

Another cup of tea.

Orange juice

Microwaved leftover indian with chopped up tomato (added from guilt induced by watching Biggest loser)

Remainder of watermelon chunks eaten out of container

Remainder of rockmelon eaten out of container

Stray grapes eaten off carpet

Piece of freshly baked chocolate cake with sliver large dollop of vegan butter

Smaller piece of chocolate cake.

Spoonfuls of chocolate icing pooling at bottom of cake plate.

Remainder of potato chips from packet

Vegan mayonnaise sandwich.

Scoops of chocolate icing. With fingers.

Large glass of merlot.

Study completed:

One case.



May 23, 2009


Unfortunately, I’ve recently reached a new level of veganism for which I was unprepared. Meat + dairy are making me nauseous*. Seriously, freaking nauseous. 

It’s taken a while + I’m disappointed in my stomach. My gastro-intestinal system as a whole, really. I am not a nauseous person. I don’t “do” spewing. Yet, TWICE in the last few weeks I’ve had to really swallow hard on persistent lumps in my throat. The first bout was sitting next to a friend eating a steak in the pub + the second was a small round of brie being passed around during a class at uni (the discussion re: pussy infection didn’t help). These things never used to bother me. I was overpowered each time by the smell. With the steak incident I deadset heard the horror-flick-knife “eeee eee eee eee” noise. It was insane. 

I try to be neutral, deep breathe + think; whatever, maaaaaaaan, food is everyones free choice, DUUUUUDE, only losers spew…are you loser, maaaan (the voice of my conscience is always Otto Man, of Simpsons bus-driving fame)? But it’s hard when you can’t concentrate on anything else but keeping your guts down. 

I used to scoff, but I totally get anti-durian laws now. 

*This is not a subtle lead in to a post about the joys of impending parenthood. 


April 8, 2009


copyright Kerri Milam, Facebook Global Vegan Network

copyright Kerri Milam, Facebook Global Vegan Network

The only time I see a doctor is to get another prescription for my pill, because despite my mum’s pleadings I’m not keen to do practical study of reproduction. Just yet. So my experience with GP’s is limited. I like it that way. But recently I felt the need to check I was on the right track with my health. I’ve been iron-deficient before, + really like to avoid it at all costs.

Which lead me to encounter the type of GP I hope I never become. After making hilarious jokes about my contraceptive pill not being strong enough now that I’d moved to Southport (Helloooooo, inappropriate inuendo! Nice to see you so soon. Oh, I haven’t even sat down yet…), he ordered the blood tests I asked for (iron levels, cholesterol, and liver function) + handed me my now “superstrong” prescription (cue laughter pause, during which I blinked at him).

I walked out thinking he was a tool who clearly worked at a dodgy bulk billing practice for a reason (inwardly cursing myself for being a cheap bastard for going to said practice).

When I went back to get my results, he skipped the hello’s + launched straight into:

GP (huffing): I don’t know why you’re even here. I have nothing to tell you. You’re a perfectly healthy woman. All of your tests came back fine.

me: oh. Excellent. 

GP (switching from huffy to lecherous): Any man would be lucky to have you.

me: Thanks. um…


me: ok. cool. bye. 

I was so happy that I wasn’t anemic that I let his weird compliment slide. It was so nice to be told I was wasting his time. Especially when I spend a fair amount of time defending/explaining my dietary choices, how I ‘live’, why I don’t eat cheese + making forced understanding noises when people tell me emphatically they would die without cheese.



Until they are dead.

I inwardly cringe when people ask me to explain veganism because the bottom line is I’m just not down with the whole death + cruelty bit that has to come before the food bit. I’m not an evangelical vegan looking to persuade the masses. When asked about my views, I either clam up or end up sounding like a stuffy activist, quoting studies, books + ‘findings’. 

But now I feel really validated. Kicked out of the doctors surgery for being too healthy. I’m so hardcore.

Food for thought

April 4, 2009


I’ve read a lot about Dr John McDougall. He interests me a lot, aside from the fact that his profile shots with Mrs McDougall belong hung above the fireplace of a woodlands house, or in a 1970’s winter fashion catalogue.

He runs a 10 day live in program in California aiming to reverse chronic disease. Amongst other things, McDougall advocates that nutrition is one of the most effective ways to prevent and treat heart disease (and cops it from cardiovascular surgeons who are losing their bypass patients to him).  His successful ‘Star McDougallers’ are real life endorsements for the removal of animal products in the diets of CHD patients. The whole testimonial thing is a bit creepy but that’s probably just an American thing. The style of filming, set design and editing is a little bit too “Hi, I’m Troy McClure“. Get RID of the red velvet curtain in the background. 

In my opinion the people who would benefit from this kind of dietary change are the most unlikely to go to a health retreat. While I like his concept, the marketing seems wrong to me. The market segment that needs this info the most are low income earners, with busy lifestyles and poor nutritional knowledge. They are not going to spend 10 days in a health retreat. They need this packaged in a way that makes sense and has value to them.  Processed, prepackaged food is expensive. Meat and animal products are expensive. Grains and legumes are cheap.  Fresh fruit and vegetables are cheap. 

Having heart disease is expensive.

Not having heart disease is cheap. 

There are a lot of people that can be reached if a product or service breaks convention with its advertising. The success of the Skinny Bitch series can be attributed to:

  • the lack of the word “Vegan” in the title
  • the chick lit style cover
  • a paparazzi photo of Victoria Beckham emerging from a shop clutching the book

If the authors of the Skinny Bitch series had titled their books “Vegan Fare” and used cover art of an kitchen bench laden with fruits and vegetables they would have significantly reduced their audience. I think the McDougall program is doing great things with their diet vs drugs philosophy (peas vs pills, oatmeal vs obesity, cabbage vs CABG), but they haven’t broken convention enough with the way they spread their message. It’s possible that their methods of communication mean that they’re only preaching to the converted (and the willing to be converted). 

I’d like to see the MacDougalls cut loose a little. 

Vegan Lemon Curd Tart

February 2, 2009

imgp19341 I love lemon tart, but last time I made it was when I still used eggs and I haven’t been up to making lemony curdy tarty things the vegan way in case they were ‘orrible + upsetting. 

But yesterday I took my hungover self to the kitchen + finally attacked the Lemon Bars from The Joy Of Vegan Baking. Because my hungover state prevented me from leaving the house (or making sudden movements in general) I made do with what we had. 

Despite how ‘orrible my photo is these were great. Lemony curdy goodness. I reduced the sugar, increased the lemon, + doubled the quantities of filling to make it more like a cheesecake thickness. 


bunch of stale sugar biscuits, smooshed into crumbs

few tablespoons of Nuttelex 


1 cup of silken tofu

1 1/2 cups of sugar

200ml of lemon juice

4 tablespoons flour

2 tablespoons of cornflour


Preheat oven to 180 C. Mix crust ingredients together and press into lined dish. Bake for 20 minutes or until browned. Blend all ingredients in blender or processor until frothy. Pour filling into baked crusts and bake for 30 minutes or until filling is set (eg. doesn’t wobble when you move dish).

Bitchtastic Brownies

January 28, 2009

Bitchtastic Brownies Skinny Bitch in the Kitch is one of the books my mum bought + I secretly hoped she would tire of, therefore passing it on to me. But no such luck. She loves it and uses it so regularly the Bitchtastic brownie recipe has to be read through cocoa smeared fingerprints. 

So I bought my own damn copy + went to crazy town with the cocoa. I should have doubled the recipe, like mum does, because there is nothing resembling chocolatey goodness left in our house now. 

Copyright and respect for the genius of this book prevents me from sharing the recipe. But seriously, if interested, you should buy this book. It’s around $22. My only gripe is it’s heavy on the vegan cheese + faux meats that are more easily found in the USA.

I made a clean break with cheese. I live without it rather than screw with my head by eating substitutes that don’t taste anything like my beloved creamy blue or the crumbly Mersey Valley original vintage club cheddar (I stumbled across Cheezly faux cheddar today + apart from the disappointment I knew would come, I just couldn’t stomach handing over $8.95 for 100g of soy cheese). It’s okay though. Cheese + I broke up so that’s that. 

But the brownies, they were fabulous.