My perception of medicine was that it would be quite serious. With lots of note taking & text book carrying. Lots of strained learning with pained expressions. People would have thick eyebrows, which they would furrow in concentration. 

While there is a fair bit of that going on, I wasn’t prepared for how hilarious it would be. Lecturers that crack you up unexpectedly. Tutors telling filthy jokes. PBL being a big laughing session.

We had a lecture recently about taking a menstrual history. The male physician giving the talk had us ask him questions as if he was a patient. After about half an hour of intense questioning, getting more + more detailed  obscure most people were really stumped as to what was causing the patient’s irregular periods. No one could come up with a diagnosis.

Lecture time runs out. 

Student: So, what did you have in the end?

Lecturer: Sorry?

Student: What is wrong with your periods?

Lecturer: I don’t have periods. I’m a man. Haha. I was taking you for a ride…(walks off)


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2 Responses to “Seriously.”

  1. dragonfly Says:

    Then there is the endless parade of black humour…(some say it is a coping mechanism/hilarious/a reflection of burnout/a sign someone needs a break/a sign doctors actually have “personalities”)

    • C Says:

      It gets me through the day. I love it when you make a face value judgement that this professor/lecturer/tutor is going to boring and they completely take you by surprise by being wickedly funny.

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